Thursday 13 December 2018
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Forum seeks to encourage Chinese entrepreneurs to invest in Ecuador
Estimated price of oil was reduced to $ 50.05
Australian mining company SolGold has $ 95 million invested
The Government seeks to adjust salaries and subsidies
The Attorney General of Ecuador assures that investigation of the kidnapping of the EL COMERCIO team will continue
Lenín Moreno highlights in China a record of $ 17,000 million in investment
A new national agreement, the goal of the third Vice President of the Government of Lenin Moreno
George, the answer to 100 years without cancer
75% of garbage in El Salado comes from the south
Groups and minorities marched for respect for Human Rights
The Biess recovered capital invested in Toachi
495 judges and prosecutors will be investigated for political persecution
Oswaldo Jarrín: We need to recover discipline, the relationship of command
Petroecuador will sell almost 4 million barrels of oil to Peru
The subsequent responsibility of the media will be eliminated
With oil at $ 50.05, the Government sent the 2019 proforma to the Assembly
The Ecuadorian Christmas, between the Black Friday and the fear of a deceleration
Supercom and media lynching, eliminated in reforms to Communication Law
IACHR team did not investigate kidnapping of journalists, prosecutor says
Quito grows at an accelerated pace
IDB approved $ 300 million guarantee for Ecuador
A credit boom in the country’s cooperatives
Lenin Moreno is in favor of hiring an oil insurance
Discounts made to IESS employees went to PAIS
Glas does not return to Quito, he stays in Latacunga
Vicuña was fired without pity or glory
IACHR Received More Data on Triple Crime at the Border
National Assembly accepted the resignation of María Alejandra Vicuña
Assembly accepts resignation of María Alejandra Vicuña
The beauty of Quito from its viewpoints
Cold currents that caused the low temperatures moved
Assembly members propose revising the life pension
Commission seeks solution for 23 thousand harmed by closure of cooperatives
Cervecería Nacional will invest $ 424 million
The export of rice to Colombia is reactivated after signing a memorandum
Ecuadorians must meet requirements to enter Mexico
Ecuador debates on energy efficiency
Cocoa of fine aroma attracts tourism in Guayaquil
Lenín Moreno: If the British government guarantees the life of Julian Assange, what is best for him is to surrender
President Lenin Moreno changed the entire military leadership of Ecuador this Wednesday
Fernando Balda says that Interpol loses “credibility”
Mia returns for a new adventure in the literary saga
Spanish pornography network had ties in Ecuador
“There is good cocoa, apart from fine, and the world must know it”
A fiscal deficit of $ 2,000 million, goal of the regime for 2019 in Ecuador
150 enterprises received the seal of family farming
Governments of Ecuador and Colombia will allocate funds for the border
Moreno will have to find his third vice president
María Alejandra Vicuña resigned after 14 months in office
The faces of the correa to are leaving the cabinet of Lenín Moreno
Iván Duque arrives in Quito to participate in the VII Binational Cabinet
María Alejandra Vicuña resigns from the Vice Presidency of Ecuador: ‘The country requires and needs peace to move forward’
The Vice President of Ecuador resigned for acts of corruption
María Alejandra Vicuña resigns as Vice President of Ecuador
Users demand greater security in parking areas
The country shoots its import
Manual of disabilities guarantees rights
Deontological rules, eliminated from the Communication Law
Ecuador attracts investment from Mexican companies
Telephone companies find in Ecuador a niche for investment and development
It would lower the growth of credits and de Ecuador’s banking analyzes scenarios
Lenín Moreno appoints new ministers in second readjustment of Government in 2018
Lenín Moreno freed vice president María Alejandra Vicuña from office
Government says that request for leave without pay of Vice President Vicuña should be sent to the Assembly
Lenín Moreno delegates to José Agusto Briones functions that Vicuña had
Lenin Moreno disposes to take away the functions of the vice president
With Michelin star, Carolina Sánchez lives her great dream
The Museum of Pasillo opens in Quito
Guayaquil received its first ‘Oscar’ in world tourism
The reputation of Interagua collapses in Via a la Costa
Ecuador produces less domestic gas
In 18 days, 280 political groups must register candidates
China again weighs on the list of financiers for Ecuador
Ecuadorian companies built equipment for Petroamazonas
Toys are paid in 12 months and since February
AGD passed to the Central Bank debts to collect for $ 2,562 million
New complaint: Vicuña received $ 14,650 from adviser
Prosecutor’s Office begins this December 3 the proceedings for tithes
Ecuadorians no longer need a visa to travel to Mexico, announces chancellor
The use of solar energy is viable in the country
Private medical centers in Guayaquil register the highest state debt
The local bank foresees a ‘painful adjustment’
The darts point to the position of Vicuña
77 Assembly members ask for resignation of Vice President María Alejandra Vicuña
The Legislative demands the Second President to resign
“The Telethon went from giving toys to prolonging lives”
The Ministry of Health assures that it has delivered USD 36 million to private clinics so far this 2018
President will pardon young woman who reported corruption on Facebook
Free Internet goes up to an hour and a half of daily use in Guayaquil
Artificial intelligence launches at Tia
Two genius children of Manta are exhibitors
Processed wants to give information to the Prosecutor’s Office in the case of Fernando Alvarado
Palm agricultures will have an exclusive credit for the requirements of the sector
Cryptocurrencies to evade taxes
Customers can identify call from commercial origin and decide if they answer it
Legal vacuum complicates the control of contributions for movements
Moreno: “I should not and can’t act as a judge”
This is Ikaro, the restaurant that fuses Ecuadorian cuisine and won a Michelin star
Medtronic had more alerts for their devices
Sales in Ecuador fall 30% due to illicit trade
IACHR Rapporteur rejects Sara Velástegui order of prison
Doctors against the proforma
Dumping or abuse of power, under analysis
Traffic of weapons: the military gives names
Former advisor says that Vice President asked for contributions when she was an assembly member
The fronts against the vice president multiply
‘We are thinking of a plant in Ecuador’
María Alejandra Vicuña: “This is a systematic campaign that wants to affect the government and me in particular”
Vicuña acknowledges the contributions but says they were voluntarily and says that her accuser wanted to extort money
Ecuadorian technician Octavio Zambrano is finalist with the DIM
522 problems with medical devices registered in Ecuador
The import of cars fills Manta port
InDriver enters Ecuador to fight in the transport apps market
‘Guacho’ is called to trial for delinquency
Police track cases of trafficking of Venezuelan citizens
Oil: Ecuador supports the cut of other countries
New investments depend on one-stop shop
The primaries put the dose of vertigo in the matches
Iván Espinel is called to trial for alleged embezzlement for damage to the IESS
Student will go to jail for reporting alleged acts of corruption on Facebook
Chancellor José Valencia talks about immigration crisis and trade in Washington
German venture on the edge of Yahuarcocha
Industry uses 10% of the whey that is produced in the country
The IESS gives insurance to taxi drivers
An aviation school uses Tena airport
The IMF report on Ecuador is stagnant
Ecuador has 786 products with organic certification
China ships 20 electric buses for Guayaquil
The scapegoat who knows too much
“If justice gives me the truth, I do not have to look for it outside”
Channel of Ricardo Rivera refers as ‘gangster’ to the current government
The slice of Roger Waters
In 15 years the entrance of celebrities to politics tripled
Seized goods: ten years of management in shadows
Quito is home to the World Physics Bodybuilding and Fitness
UN Rapporteur urges indigenous women in Ecuador to defend their rights
Ecuadorian gourmet restaurant in Spain wins Michelin star
Government exempts taxpayers from Manabí and Esmeraldas from paying the Income Tax advance
Prosecutor’s office analyzes annual damage of $ 25 million in accident insurance
They dismantle the band that was entering drug through Sucumbíos
Gold, best guarantee for lenders
Daniela Almeida is the new Queen of Quito 2018 -2019
The National Electoral Council is studying a reform to sanction the anticipated campaign
Fernando Villavicencio files complaint for qualified robbery
Ecuador claims “to take action” in the migration crisis of Venezuelans
Lenin Moreno requested the resignation of his entire cabinet, while the Minister of Education criticized the 2019 budget
Ecuadorian gourmet restaurant in Spain wins Michelin star
Ecuadorian diplomat received a medal from the Peruvian Congress
Chito: “I dream of taking UFC to Ecuador”
The buses with garden on the roof already circulate through the streets of Guayaquil
Ecuador sends for the first time turkey to Bolivia and red pitahaya to USA.
The port of Posorja received $ 377 million for the first phase of the construction
The use of whey in dairy products divides the sector
Ecuador will elect 5,682 authorities in 2019 sections
Gala, celebration and recrimination at the industrial anniversary
Comptroller analyzes possible responsibilities of Education officials for lack of execution of a plan to eradicate sexual crimes
The defense of the military asks to investigate the officers
Subsidies cost the Government about $ 1,391 million, until September
European Investment Bank signs two agreements with Ecuador for development
The trade ‘on line’, the other key route to reach China
The Government “cooks” a new labor reform
E-China Day seeks to activate trade
Assembly approves report on the case of General Jorge Gabela
The disagreement of its members prevails in the new National Electoral Council
The population grows faster than the economy
Prosecutor’s Office initiates another criminal proceeding against Espinel
Diana Atamaint, elected president of the National Electoral Council with just three votes out of five
The Government will take action against the Coca Codo monitoring consortium
Twenty years: In peace and development, the book that compiles the Ecuador-Peru peace process
Ecuadorian Debbie Mucarsel-Powell will give voice to Hispanics in Congress
Correa will be called to testify on case Gabela
Ecuador strengthens the Ibero-American plan on the rights of the disabled
Santiago Roldós gathers in a book 6 theatrical texts that he will present in Quito
The local industry, ready to jump to digital TV
National defense looks at ‘new threats’
Government contributes 6.8 million dollars in machinery for road maintenance
USA continues as the favorite destination of Ecuadorians
More electoral expenditure control for candidates
NGOs allocate 24 million dollars for the development of Ecuador
The Judiciary detected USD 41.5 million for additional expenses
Jorge Glas must pay alimony of $ 4,057, equal to what he receives as a former official
Rogers Waters says he would like to talk about Assange with Moreno
Three experts will investigate the Gabela case
Authorities are awaiting Interpol’s decision on Correa’s red alert
The Cuenca International Biennial has proposals from 53 artists
We must rush justice” Interview with former President Gustavo Noboa”
Pre-campaign that is installed on the web
Three foreigners imprisoned for sexual exploitation in the center of Guayaquil
Venezuelan refugee camp in Carcelén has been dismantled
Former custodian of Correa’s wife reappears and offers to contribute to the investigation of the Gabela Case
They ask to investigate to Rafael Correa for purchase of helicopters that could lead to crime
The Government faces the return of protests
ITT production is 80% water and 20% oil
Rodríguez: “We must all remember that power is not eternal and has limits”
Prosecutors office filed accusation for embezzlement against Fernando Alvarado
This November 19 the deadline for Interpol to pronounce on Rafael Correa expires
Ecuador expresses condolences for fire in California
German firm will evaluate Coca Codo Sinclair
The code of conduct of the lawyers lasted 7 days
Gabela case: a ‘typing error’ almost saves Serrano
The 6 things that cannot be missing in your day, according to Álvaro Noboa
Multiparty Commission approved final report in Gabela case
Legislative committee approves final report of Gabela case: ‘There is sufficient evidence of a possible state crime’
The US is preparing to prosecute Assange, according to the Wall Street Journal
Álvaro Noboa prepares his physique for next year
Ecuador agrees to extradite US accused of fraud to Facebook
Video: Álvaro Noboa raises awareness of the importance of exercise and eating healthy
Video of Alvaro Noboa goes viral in social networks
Barcelona SC, ‘political strategy’ of José Francisco Cevallos, criticize former candidates to the presidency of the club
Ecuador will maintain food labeling for health
The seized media start to recover
Assembly approved payment to re lack of financing
Astinave delivers two missile ships to the country
Coca Codo, on the edge of disaster
Sofía Espín and Norma Vallejo uncover new accusations
Coca Codo Sinclair: Loss of $ 27 million
Comptroller identifies 7,648 fissures in Coca Codo Sinclair
Prosecutor Paúl Pérez Reina submitted his resignation to his position
Renewed clothing for the indigenous woman was presented in a show
Robotics contest takes 6 young Ecuadorians to Thailand
Oil falls in a context of concern for Trump and OPEC forecasts
Fruits can expect an agreement to ‘travel’ to the US
Alvarado was given a used and damaged shackle
Ecuador ranks fourth in Latin America
The Assembly dismisses Sofía Espín and Norma Vallejo as assembly members
Galapagos: change in temperature will influence the appetite of marine animals
An appointment to promote the projects awaits for you
INEC will visit homes in Ecuador to measure water quality
In the Assembly, directors talked about reducing the budget to universities
Relatives request for David Romo to be searched by the FBI
30% of Ecuadorians are satisfied with the economy of the country
Accelerated increase of retirees presses the finances of the IESS
Exports of the country will amount this 2018 to $ 22,309 million
The Gabela case rotates on its axis
Mario Vargas Llosa sees as ‘healthy’ the distance of Lenín Moreno and Rafael Correa
Ozone protection was ratified by 150 countries in Quito
Vargas Llosa: Lenin Moreno wants to perfect democracy
Papá Changó made an impact in the Mexican Festival
Russia, the mythical country that attracts Ecuadorians
Plaza Guayarte, a place for painting, food, music and humor
The third revolution of the great Ecuadorian cocoa arrives
Banco del Pacífico sold its subsidiary in Panama
Ministry of Justice renewed contract with Claro for electronic shackles
Sensitive issues in the Ecuador- United States appointment
Imbabura aims to have the best coffee in the country
Mesa begins to define patterns of persecution in the government of Rafael Correa
Valencia: “It would be surprising if someone thinks to grant asylum to Mr. Alvarado”
The bases of Adelante Ecuatoriano Adelante request the candidacy of Anabella Azín
Anabella Azín would go to City Hall of Guayaquil or Prefecture of Guayas
45% of the invoices in the previous Government were false
Quito Book Fair will deal with science
Ecuador, among the most inefficient countries in health
In two years, 903 foreigners have been nationalized in Ecuador
French recipes mold local cocoa
Sofía Espín case: María José Carrión saved the furniture
Subsidies to fuels will not be reduced in 2019
On November 13 it will be known which Court will judge 2 ex-agents investigated for the plagiarism of Fernando Balda
Between the asylum and the exile
The regional journalistic work is recognized
Ecuador joins environmental initiatives
New investment will have special employment contract
Accusers of Rafael Correa propose to investigate the use of public money in kidnapping
Ecuador triumphs in Cross Country Rally
The Corporación Favorita will acquire a majority stake in the chain of supermarkets in Panama
An unexpected electoral actor
The Government will encourage the production of dairy products in the 24 provinces
Investment banking bails out the country
The CAF calls to reduce informality to improve productivity
Report recommends the National Electoral Council proceed with popular consultation for the Yasuní
Ecuador must eliminate 90% of tariffs with Mexico
Correa is called to trial for kidnapping
Correa, called to trial for kidnapping Balda
Rafael Correa goes to trial for kidnapping the activist Fernando Balda
Balda Case: Correa, on trial as the author of the kidnapping
ECSA built a containment wall in the Shuar community Yanua Kim
Responsible gastronomy in establishments
New record of women in the US Congress after the elections
They project 125 km of cycle paths
Representatives of 12 countries gather in Baños for the Latin American Ranger Meeting
Three children died after landslide in Esmeraldas
The ammunition trafficked was the end of life withdrawal
Turkey is now paid early to avoid debt and interest
Government of Ecuador calculates debt of up to 55.2% by 2022
Jorge Glas arrived at hospital in Quito early this morning for medical examination
In 11 months, 14 people were killed by micro-trafficking
This Wednesday, November 7, a judge decides if Rafael Correa is going or not
Luis Miguel in Guayaquil, concert already has a date
The holiday injected $ 58 million into the economy
Technification is one of the alternatives to the rice crisis
The IESS and derivatives raise spending on subsidies for the State
In Rafael Correa’s government there were 1,435 cases of political persecution
The companies can now have several economic activities
The IESS is ‘entangled’ with the credits it requested
Drilling starts in two smaller fields of Sucumbíos
In Rafael Correa’s government there were 1,435 cases of political persecution
Authorities seize 877kg of cocaine destined to Belgium
420 children and adolescents from Venezuela enter a day to Ecuador
The Venezuelan connection in the insurance business
Minister Romo reacts after incident with presidential caravan in Cuenca
Salazar: “Fighting systems and policies must be implemented at the state level”
Traffic Law Reform Faces Police and Traffic Commission of Ecuador
The Government will spend more on fuels in 2019
Banking transactions in stores add up to millions in Ecuador
The concessions will bring $ 1,000 million in 2019
Ecuador participates in the I International Import Exhibition of China
The ‘Superfoods’ feed their presence in the country
They demand letter of invitation for tourists that arrive at houses in Galápagos
A “school of assassins” linked to drug trafficking
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